Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2
Shepards crossing 2.jpg
Japanese 箱庭生活 ひつじ村DS
Developer Success Corp.
Publisher Graffiti Entertainment, LLC
Released Japan.gif June 26, 2008
NA.png January 19, 2010
Platforms Nintendo DS

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is a full featured and in-depth farming simulation and strategy game on the Nintendo DS.

At its heart, the game is about the player living in a small town and communicating with the other villagers while raising livestock, harvesting crops, and building a farm. Aside from laying out fields and deciding where to herd the animals, players must also pay attention to the placement of their resources, arranging their life as they see fit. As a special feature unique to the DS, interaction with others is a major part of the game. One can even court, date and marry. It's just one goal in a game filled with things to do and people to meet. The game is beautifully animated in a Japanese anime style. The open-ended gameplay styles mean the player can choose what they want to do whether it be breed animals, farm their fields, build relationships with the people around town or any combination of these activities as well as many others. The DS allows for unique touch screen controls that are implemented into most of the in-game activities. With so many different activities and open-ended style simulation gameplay, there are hours and hours of entertainment available to players. [1]

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