Saizo Kirigakure
Occupation Koga Ninja

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Good Ending
Help out
Turn away
Just stay put
Yeah, but...
I understand
Hug him too
Don't worry!
Put on a brave front
We're not done yet!
I don't want to see you get injured!
I'll fight too!
Hold his hand
... ... ...
Nobody will die
It's everyone's combined efforts
Hug him
I dunno...
You can't!
Let's escape!
Look for something
Me first!
Deny it
Jump out!

Side Stories:

Below here are all the side stories each with the right answer leading to the happy ending.

Female Ninja Training: I was totally exhausted from training to swim all day, I couldn't even feel my body. To prevent from drowning again, he asked me to swin without my clothes on! No ... way !

  • nothing

On the Road to Happiness: Young village girls surrounding Saizo on his archievment as soon as we arrived in Koga. They seem to be having so much fun talking. I'm feeling jealous! Did he even forget about my presence?

  • this won't do

Mission Adorable: Saizo was given a dangerous mission. I was worried about his safety so I snuck after him, then I was kidnapped... Does it have anything to do with Saizo's mission?

  • I see...

Sweet Ceremony: Two days till our wedding. Saizo was busy on a mission as usual. Womanizer Goemon teased me as he wouldn't mind replacing Saizo as my groom...

  • I won't

Mission Adorable 2: In order to be recognised as Ninjas, we are on a spy mission in disguise, Saizo as a priest and me as a young boy. My clumsiness gave Saizo a lot of trouble. Did he gave up on me for being a burden...?

  • Eek!

Sweet Honeymoon: A sweet kiss and strong embrace... You can't imagine your life without him! But... OMG! He lays a pretty maid down on the ground... !!

Romantic Festival: You're chosen as a priestess, who performs a dance on a portable shrine! Saizo disagrees with it, but you try to surprise him! Unfortunately, you slip on the floor and... He scolds you for it but he gives you sweet words...

Enchanted Princess: Saizo takes your chin in his hand and tilts your face upwards. "I know what you want to say..." Is this because of the ninjutsu?

Temptation Love: You planned to go on a mission with Saizo, but you're sick in bed with a cold. Kotaro takes care of you and wipes off your tears gently...

Hanzo's Interruption: You get mad at Saizo's attitude towards you. "I'll take Princess back to Iga.", says Hanzo. You live seperately from Saizo?!

Crash into You: "I don't understand you!" You leave him and end up in Kuma's place. But he finds you and...?!

  • First Anniversary:

You welcome him with a special dinner! But he doesn't get surprised... He's forgotten your wedding anniversary?!

Love Interests in Shall We Date?: Ninja Love