English Otome Games Wiki
Piofiore: Fated Memories
Japanese ピオフィオーレの晩鐘 -Ricardo-
Developer Otomate
Design Factory Co.
Publisher Japan.gif Idea Factory
NA.png Aksys Games
Released Japan.gif July 25, 2019
NA.png October 8, 2020
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch(eShop)

All the secrets are sleeping in that town.

The time is the beginning of the 20th Century. The setting takes place right after the First World War in the South Italian town of "Burlone". The ones who rule this city are three organizations called the Burlone Mafia. The protagonist "Liliana" lived peacefully in Burlone, but starting from a certain incident she is taken in by one of the organizations.

Why is she being targeted? Why is she wanted?[1]

Love Interests


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