Kitazawa Omi
Occupation Designer

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Good Ending
Only if you really need help.
I think he's cool.
Thank you very much.
(Is he playing with me again?)
Am I your favorite?
Yes, sir.
Of course it is
What's come over you?
(...It makes me happy though.)
Ask her to join us for tea.
(All right.)
All right.
(Gotta be.)
It's impossible to give him up.
Should tell him.
Sorry, I have things to do.
I trust you.
Call Kitazawa
Think it's a good idea.
Thank you.
I feel it to...
You know I do
The article made me uncomfortable.
No, no... It's not your fault.
...Thank you.
What do you mean?
How could I forget it?

Love Interests in Office Lover
Kitazawa Omi · Shiraishi Henri · Kagaya Go