Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
Animal Parade
Japanese 牧場物語わくわくアニマルマーチ
Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher 🇯🇵Marvelous Entertainment
🇺🇸 Natsume
🇪🇺 Rising Star Games
Released 🇯🇵October 30, 2008
🇺🇸 November 12, 2009
🇪🇺 December 3, 2010
Platforms Nintendo Wii

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (牧場物語わくわくアニマルマーチ, Bokujō Monogatari: Waku Waku Animaru Māchi/Farm Story: Exciting Animal March) is similar to the first Wii game, Tree of Tranquility, and has several upgrades from the previous version. This version does not utilize the Wii-remote's functionality like in Tree of Tranquility, where players would have to swing the wii remote to perform tool actions, nor does it have the large amount of multi-player mini games. [1]

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