-Wishes brought to you-
Korean 덴더라이언
Developer Sujin Ri, Marcos Arroyo, Seona Lee, Somi Lee, & Sohyeon Jeon
Publisher Cheritz
Released 🇰🇷 Aug 27, 2012
🌎 December 2012
Platforms Steam

Dandelion -Wishes brought to you- () is a South Korea female-oriented game developed by Cheritz.

Heejung is not a happy girl. Overwhelmed by her overbearing mother demanding success, she has become stuck in a life she does not enjoy, constantly working and preparing for a future others have set out for her. In an attempt to rebel against these constraints, she joined a university in a different city...only to once again find herself reverting back to previous habits, studying a major she has no interest in and finding almost no joy in her life apart from in the brief moments when she draws. She knows something is wrong with her life, but fear of her mother's reprisal combined with lack of any kind of concrete idea about what she wants from her life keep her where she is.

Then one morning she wakes up to find something strange - a basket of two cats and three rabbits together. Although she doesn't believe she has the time to look after them, she decides to take them in as her own. Over the weeks, Heejung starts to get used to taking care of these pets, as they make her laugh and allow her to feel relaxed in a way she hasn't for years.

And then, one day, all five of them magically transform into attractive men with cat or rabbit ears wearing otherworldly, European-based fantasy-style clothing.[1]

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