Toma Saji
Japanese 佐治十真
Birthday May 14
Height 173cm
Blood Type B
Occupation Celebrity

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Good Ending
Say no to him
Give up.
Remain silent
No, I don't.
Don't be so rough.
I would never cheat.
Greet him.
Even though we're married?
Hide in the corner.
Shake my head.
Please come home early.
Run away.
Turn around and look at him.
Push away Natsuki.
I might like you.
You sure are determined.
We'll have more fun with the 3 of us.
Call for Toma.
Kiss me again.
I'm sorry.
Shake my head.
I can't do that.
Isn't it selfish?
I will be a decoy.
I don't want to be with anybody other than Toma.
Hold out my fork for him.
Fall into Toma's arms.
Hang up the phone.
Run to him somehow.

Love Interests in Contract Marriage
Soji Shirogane · Kurosaki Ryo · Shinobu Arima · Toma Saji