Shinobu Arima
Shinobu Arima
Japanese 有馬志信
Birthday December 19
Height 185 cm
Blood Type 0
Occupation Nightclub Owner

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Good Ending
Also, I need money.
Please wait.
Please say that again
Is that it?
Nice to meet you.
I don't need you to worry about me that much.
If it would be better for me not to hear it......
Don't Tease Me!
Do I look nice?
I don't know.
I wanted some time to myself.
It's none of your business, Shinobu.
Then why?....
I don't need money..
The money isn’t the issue.
No, you aren't.
Are you worrying about me?
Give this thug a dirty look.
Thank you for coming.
Were you here with me the whole time?
Because you told me not to.
That'd be a breach of contract.
Should I be here for this?
Get a grip
I won't stop you
Was it something I shouldn't have done?
I was surprised
You don't need to say that...
Anywhere you want to go.

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