Mitsurugi Kyo
Occupation Hotel Heir

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Good Ending
How would I pay for it?
Glare at him
I can do this
I understand
Wake him up
I’m fascinated.
First off all, Greetings
Avoid him
You’re not going?
I just wanted to take a bath first.
Watch his sleeping face.
You have great self-confidence
Answer the phone without asking permission
Maybe I do…
Of course not
Let’s talk with them.
It’s strange
So beautiful…
I was worried about you!
I guessed.
That’s a cruel thing to say.
Ok, I will.
Is there something I can help?
I’ll be lonely.
I’ll have to inform Kyo
I’ll save you!
Who are you?
I’m so glad you’re ok.
I wait for someone to come.
Thank you.
My heart is pounding
This isn’t a dream is it?
I just wanted to look are your face.
I’d like to stay with you a little longer
What is it?
I took some time to go shopping.

Love Interests in Bidding for Love
Mitsurugi Kyo·Takato Iriya·Kozuki Kairi