A Prince, A House Steward,
and An Assassin
A prince A House Steward and An Assassin
Publisher HUNEX CO.,LTD.
Released 🌎 March 29, 2017
Platforms Android

You have already fight with Ouji childhood friend, Nazuna.

If you are walking while angry, resulting in the accident Chu and the man who fell from the stairs suddenly. Got angry and " rude person! " The person of the man for some reason.

When you come home while becoming feeling sad situation you do not know the reason, Story Prince is coming to homestay at home for some reason is!

Parents will go to overseas travel reward I got, to end up to his care. And the prince on the other of the accident Chu, And brother of Prince Butler, Butler to his brother came tumbling, I threaten the peace of the Nazuna!

Royal multi-tenant comedy of dangerous fragrance.[1]

Love Interests

  • Prince Edward
  • Vantaa
  • Prince Theodore
  • Albert
  • Ouji Matsuoka


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